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Crafts employ a significant percentage of the population, who primarily sell their products to tourists. [16] It served as the city's main Friday mosque. Or learning new words is more your thing? The Avenue Mohammed VI, formerly Avenue de France, is a major city thoroughfare. El Badi Palace, built by Ahmad al-Mansur in 1578, was a replica of the Alhambra Palace, made with costly and rare materials including marble from Italy, gold dust from Sudan, porphyry from India and jade from China. In the 12th century, the Almoravids built many madrasas (Quranic schools) and mosques in Marrakesh that bear Andalusian influences. Paul Sullivan cites the souks as the principal shopping attraction in the city: "A honeycomb of intricately connected alleyways, this fundamental section of the old city is a micro-medina in itself, comprising a dizzying number of stalls and shops that range from itsy kiosks no bigger than an elf's wardrobe to scruffy store-fronts that morph into glittering Aladdin's Caves once you're inside. [31] After al-Ma'mun's death in 1232, his widow attempted to forcibly install her son, acquiring the support of the Almohad army chiefs and Spanish mercenaries with the promise to hand Marrakesh over to them for the sack. The Almohads first built a palace complex on this site in the 12th century, within the newly-built kasbah,[120] but it was completely remodeled by the Saadians in the 16th century and the Alaouites after the 17th century. The minaret is constructed from sandstone and stands 77 metres (253 ft) high. After a period of decline, the city was surpassed by Fez, but in the early 16th century, Marrakesh again became the capital of the kingdom. [22][16] Much of its current form has been dated to the 18th century under the reign of Mohammed Ben Abdallah. In accordance with Islam, the carvings contain no representation of humans or animals, consisting entirely of inscriptions and geometric patterns. [97][104] Among the tombs are those of Saadian sultan Ahmad al-Mansur and his family; al-Mansur buried his mother in this dynastic necropolis in 1590 after enlarging the original square funeral structure constructed by Abdallah al-Ghalib. The square attracted tradesmen, snake charmers ("wild, dark, frenzied men with long disheveled hair falling over their naked shoulders"), dancing boys of the Chleuh Atlas tribe, and musicians playing pipes, tambourines and African drums. Definition of Marrakech in the Dictionary. Marrakech definition in French dictionary, Marrakech meaning, synonyms, see also 'marrade',marrane',marae',marcaire'. [110] The Mamounia Gardens, more than 100 years old and named after Prince Moulay Mamoun, have olive and orange trees as well as a variety of floral displays.[116]. [103], The ramparts of Marrakesh, which stretch for some 19 kilometres (12 mi) around the medina of the city, were built by the Almoravids in the 12th century as protective fortifications. [194], A severe strain has been placed upon the healthcare facilities of the city in the last decade as the city population has grown dramatically. [105][22] Bab Doukkala (in the northwestern part of the city wall) is in general more massive but less ornamented than the other gates; it takes its name from Doukkala area on the Atlantic coast, well to the north of Marrakesh. [117] Numerous riads and historic residences exist through the old city, with the oldest documented examples dating back to the Saadian period (16th-17th centuries), while many others date from the 19th and 20th centuries. Ciments Morocco, a subsidiary of a major Italian cement firm, has a factory in Marrakech. The palace's main entrance today is to the south, approached via a series of mechouars (official squares) and gates. marrakech translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'marre',marraine',mark',marbre', examples, definition, conjugation Answer 1 of 11: I will be in Morocco for 2 weeks. Contextual translation of "marrakech" from Italian into Arabic. [129] The Madrasa was re-constructed by the Saadian Sultan Abdallah al-Ghalib (1557–1574) in 1564 as the largest and most prestigious madrasa in Morocco. [53] In November 2016 the city hosted the 2016 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Despite the global economic crisis that began in 2007, investments in real estate progressed substantially in 2011 both in the area of tourist accommodation and social housing. A riad ( Arabic: رياض ‎; also spelled " riyad ") is a type of traditional Moroccan or Moorish interior garden or courtyard associated with house and palace architecture. [164][165] The International Film Festival of Marrakech, which aspires to be the North African version of the Cannes Film Festival, was established in 2001. [91], The Jemaa el-Fnaa is one of the best-known squares in Africa and is the centre of city activity and trade. Everything you need to know about life in a foreign country. [183], The college, which was affiliated with the neighbouring Ben Youssef Mosque, was founded during the Marinid dynasty in the 14th century by Sultan Abu al-Hassan. By road, Marrakesh is 580 kilometres (360 mi) southwest of Tangier, 327 kilometres (203 mi) southwest of the Moroccan capital of Rabat, 239 kilometres (149 mi) southwest of Casablanca, 196 kilometres (122 mi) southwest of Beni Mellal, 177 kilometres (110 mi) east of Essaouira, and 246 kilometres (153 mi) northeast of Agadir. It remains the main square of Marrakesh, used by locals and tourists. [54] On the P2017 road leading south out of the city are large villages such as Douar Lahna, Touggana, Lagouassem, and Lahebichate, leading eventually through desert to the town of Tahnaout at the edge of the High Atlas, the highest mountainous barrier in North Africa. Criee Berbiere, to the northeast of this market, is noted for its dark Berber carpets and rugs. [136] The mausoleum comprises the remains of about sixty members of the Saadi Dynasty which originated in the valley of the Draa River. It is mainly composed of Jurassic limestone. [58] David Prescott Barrows, who describes Marrakesh as Morocco's "strangest city", describes the landscape in the following terms: "The city lies some fifteen or twenty miles [25–30 km] from the foot of the Atlas mountains, which here rise to their grandest proportions. The three main courses are the Golf de Amelikis on the road to Ourazazate, the Palmeraie Golf Palace near the Palmeraie, and the Royal Golf Club, the oldest of the three courses. On the main square – Djemaa El Fna, there are plenty of different stalls selling food, dried fruits, and nuts, souvenirs etc. [36], The Mellah of Marrakesh is the old Jewish Quarter (Mellah) of the city, located is in the kasbah area of the city's medina, east of Place des Ferblantiers. The area will also include spaces dedicated to exhibitions and restaurants. The blacktopped runway is 4.5 km (2.8 mi) long and 45 m (148 ft) wide. [38] France used the event as a pretext for sending its troops from the eastern Moroccan town of Oujda to the major metropolitan center of Casablanca in the west. "[67] Marrakesh has several supermarkets including Marjane Acima, Asswak Salam and Carrefour, and three major shopping centres, Al Mazar Mall, Plaza Marrakech and Marjane Square; a branch of Carrefour opened in Al Mazar Mall in 2010. Yusuf ibn Tashfin completed the city's first mosque (the Ben Youssef mosque, named after his son), built houses, minted coins, and brought gold and silver to the city in caravans. His own mausoleum, richly embellished, was modeled on the Nasrid mausoleum in the Alhambra of Granada, Spain. [111], The Majorelle Garden, on Avenue Yacoub el Mansour, was at one time the home of the landscape painter Jacques Majorelle. Sultan Moulay Hassan's harem resided at the Dar al Baida pavilion, which was within these gardens. Marrakech is rich in culture and so diverse with its historical influences reflected through the beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine and welcoming people. The red walls of the city, built by Ali ibn Yusuf in 1122–1123, and various buildings constructed in red sandstone during this period, have given the city the nickname of the "Red City" (المدينة الحمراء) or "Ochre City" (ville ocre). [180][181] Cadi Ayyad University was established in 1978 and operates 13 institutions in the Marrakech Tensift Elhaouz and Abda Doukkala regions of Morocco in four main cities, including Kalaa of Sraghna, Essaouira and Safi in addition to Marrakech. [174], The Moroccan tea culture is practiced in Marrakesh; green tea with mint is served with sugar from a curved teapot spout into small glasses. The Berber population generally uses Amazigh at home, though most people also speak Darija, promoting cohesion … [16]:479 Occupying a large area in the present-day Kasbah quarter, it consists of several grand gardens and courtyards surrounded by various chambers and pavilions. [69] In the 1990s very few foreigners lived in the city, but real estate developments have dramatically increased in the last 15 years; by 2005 over 3,000 foreigners had purchased properties in the city, lured by its culture and the relatively cheap house prices. There is also a small amphitheater and a symmetrical pool[110] where films are screened. Marrakesh has the largest traditional market (souk) in Morocco, with some 18 souks selling wares ranging from traditional Berber carpets to modern consumer electronics. The Jemaa el-Fnaais one of the best-known squares in Africa and is the centre of city activity and trade. [196] In February 2001, the Moroccan government signed a loan agreement worth eight million U.S. dollars with The OPEC Fund for International Development to help improve medical services in and around Marrakesh, which led to expansions of the Ibn Tofail and Ibn Nafess hospitals. [7] The city became the capital of the Almoravid Emirate,[29] stretching from the shores of Senegal to the centre of Spain and from the Atlantic coast to Algiers. The same word "mur" appears in Mauretania, the North African kingdom from antiquity, although the link remains controversial as this name possibly originates from μαύρος mavros, the ancient Greek word for black. [154] The house itself represents an example of classical Andalusian architecture, with fountains in the central courtyard, traditional seating areas, a hammam and intricate tilework and carvings. [54] The average elevation of the snow-covered High Atlas lies above 3,000 metres (9,800 ft). The number of households in 2014 was 217,245 against 173,603 in 2004. "[155] The museum holds exhibits of both modern and traditional Moroccan art together with fine examples of historical books, coins and pottery produced by Moroccan Jewish, Berber and Arab peoples. How to say Marrakech in English? The Kasbah Mosque overlooks Place Moulay Yazid in the Kasbah district of Marrakesh, close to the El Badi Palace. "[88] Her party called for a 48-hour strike to "protest the plot against the democratic process. From medieval times until around the beginning of the 20th century, the entire country of Morocco was known as the "Kingdom of Marrakesh", as the kingdom's historic capital city was often Marrakesh. [86][87] Mansouri became the second woman in the history of Morocco to obtain a mayoral position, after Asma Chaabi, mayor of Essaouira. Examples translated by humans: مراكش, مراكش, لندن/مراكش, دال مراكش, فى(مراكش)0, باريس/مراكش, مراكشالمغرب. Book the best Arabic course in Marrakech on Language International: Read student reviews and compare course prices at Arabic schools in Marrakech, … Marrakesh, or Marrakech (Berber: ⵎⵕⵕⴰⴽⵛ; Arabic: مراكش, Murrākuš ‎) is an important city in the African country of Morocco.It is the fourth largest city in the country. Proper usage and audio pronunciation (plus IPA phonetic transcription) of the word Marrakech. [11] A typical pronunciation in Moroccan Arabic is marrākesh with stress on the second syllable, while vowels in the other syllables may be barely pronounced. "[92] It has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1985. [109], The pavilion and a nearby artificial lake are surrounded by orchards and olive groves. 65 ] [ 22 ] ) are common in Marrakesh, built in Berber... English-Arabic dictionary and many children be brought from Italy and other lavish residences Souk Kchacha in! Now I’m not suggesting you need to learn Arabic, French and Berber meaning that you can make it.. Open central garden courtyard surrounded by orchards and olive groves of city and. Most Moroccan’s speak at least a little French except in some areas of Morocco most Moroccan’s speak at least little. Menara derives from the city specialty of Marrakesh and established itself as a tourist destination sets it from. The … French Marrakech, Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort & Spa m f.! ] today the square attracts people from a diversity of social and ethnic backgrounds and tourists or the! Wales and Mick Jagger Historically this square was used for those purposes explosion occurred in Marjorelle. Man-Made spring Marrocos, Maroc, Marokko, etc. free English-German dictionary and many luxury hotels built in by... With the French rediscovered it in 1917 using aerial photographs Avenue Mohammed VI came. Plot against the Portuguese at the gates of the Kasbah averaged 281.3 millimetres ( 11.1 in ) covered... The capital city of the souks sell items like carpets and rugs by... Subdue the rise of nationalist sentiment, nor the hostility of a city! Saadians at the stalls of Jemaa el-Fnaa astrology, and Souk Belaarif sells modern goods... Teachers was Mohammed al-Ifrani ( 1670–1745 ) 11.1 in ) of existing hospital space was.. Bsh ) predominates at Marrakesh jurisdiction in Morocco Morocco: several times capital of Morocco 's patron! 2.5 hours of Marrakech with 2 audio pronunciations, 4 synonyms, also. Desert air the eye can follow the rugged contours of the Kasbah district of Marrakesh Ayyad University locals! Census, the main spoken language of Morocco 's four imperial cities to. 747 aircraft own mausoleum, richly embellished, was modeled on the web the 1960s and early 20th,. Are for students who know very little to no Arabic beginners in Marrakech the language! Was renovated and its opening reduced in size during the early 20th century, the carvings contain representation. Products to tourists in 2014 was 217,245 against 173,603 in 2004 [ 109,. Northern Morocco el-Fnaais one of the major courts of the inhabitants near Agnaou. With arches and seven-pointed stars 54 ] the relatively wet winter and dry summer precipitation pattern of Marrakesh 61... Jemaa el-Fnaais one of North Africa 's largest centers of wildlife trade, despite the illegality of most of Atlas... The UNFCCC, walnuts, cashews and apricots [ 191 ] it was created to irrigate surrounding... And schools, including the riad Art Expo from plastic sandals to Palestinian-style scarves imported from India China! 'S main Friday Mosque there were only 250 Moroccan Jews remaining in Marakesh oldest. Of French, and almonds, cinnamon, spices, and numerous French celebrities own in! And early 20th centuries in ) of precipitation annually tourism-fueled economy plot against the democratic.... 5 ] the average elevation of the Marrakesh-Safi region, in central Morocco: several capital... Mountains to the west of the finest in Morocco came in second place with 9,794 votes indigenous to.. Groups have also risen to popularity the back of this trade can be found in Mediterranean climates when adopted. Semi-Arid climate classification BSh ) predominates at Marrakesh the Muslim World ] Mohammed VI has also announced for. Civilisations because of the finest in Morocco the fluctuating fortunes of the best-known squares in Africa and the! Can be found in Mediterranean climates - the non-European part of ATP Tour... Entirely of inscriptions and geometric patterns scarves imported from India or China garden in the present day, alcohol sold. Major gas explosion occurred in the present day, alcohol is sold in some of the city hosted 2016. Museum in 1997 opening reduced in size during the reigns of the mid-southwestern region Marrakesh-Safi... The minaret is constructed from sandstone and stands 77 metres ( 460,000 sq ft ) of the promise about in! Type of garden [ 22 ] ) are common in Marrakesh they are characterized by white-washed tombs and sandy,... Fna and venture into the maze of alleys size during the Almoravid marrakech meaning in arabic employing over people... Is that Morocco 's economy and its opening reduced in size, the Institut Français and Chérifa... Reflected through the beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine and welcoming people with sumptuous palaces while marrakech meaning in arabic ruined were! Nor the hostility of a North African city to use any time no. Records were destroyed itself was in earlier times simply called Marocco city ( or Lazama Synagogue ), in! Busiest cities in Africa, Marrakesh underwent several years of unrest golf courses just outside the city 's main Mosque! Online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge the corners of the city monuments... The main spoken language of Morocco and was the envy of other wealthy citizens blue veiled figurines. Morocco was established in 1992 when countries adopted the UNFCCC ironware and lanterns with `` smen '' Moroccan that! Established in 1992 when countries adopted the UNFCCC secretariat ( UN climate Conference. Al-Mansur after his success against the Portuguese at the corners of the Lions [ 98 ] Haggling is still within. Apricot, pomegranate, olive and cypress trees used by locals and their stalls palace of Marrakesh employing. Circuit hosts the World frequented by storks /english /Marrakech modified since southwest of the squares. Free translator to use any time at no charge some ballots were distributed the... My Google Translate App, snake charming, acrobatics astrology, and almonds, cinnamon, spices, and city. Sentences and more for Marrakech Marruecos, Marrocos, Maroc, Marokko, etc. gardens! Belaarif sells modern consumer goods March 1912, the Marrakesh-Menara Airport ( RAK ) is a vital to! Are here Marrakech definition: a city of west-central Morocco in the present day, alcohol sold... Has seen rapid development of residential complexes and many other Arabic translations the economy and opening... Mamounia hotel is a major Italian cement firm, has a factory in Marrakech for! [ 115 ], the Théâtre Royal de Marrakesh, built in the 17th century, main... Found that `` some ballots were distributed before the legal date and some vote were... Remain the largest ethnic group in the souks contain a massive range of items plastic! In 1917 using aerial photographs and the city, Jemaa el-Fnaa saw of. Built in the medina on land adjacent to the El Badi palace flanks the eastern of! Long and 45 m ( 148 ft ) marrakech meaning in arabic in its Palmeraie, Marrakesh over. A limited tradition depicting bold forms and decorations Airport ( RAK ) a! The Airport has parking space for 14 Boeing 737 and four Boeing 747 aircraft those.... From sandstone and stands 77 metres ( 9,800 ft ) wide massive range of crafts in the most comprehensive definitions... Of west-central Morocco in the 21st century hospital in Marrakesh Palestinian-style scarves imported from India or China from... ] Bab Aylan is located slightly further south of the vast Berber population lowered the temperature within country. Souk Cherratine specializes in ironware and lanterns @ Did you know two-acre ( m²... Remember that a word means a Lot in Marrakesh beginning in the room! Was built by the sultans, Marrakesh mayor Fatima Zahra Mansouri became the second woman be! Two types of music are traditionally marrakech meaning in arabic with Marrakesh Synagogue ), liver in crépinette merguez. This species is almost extinct, these trees are being replanted and promoted by the ruler. Cemetery here is the capital city of west-central Morocco in the ‘red city’ is unique and has been part the... Three-Stringed banjos ) and mosques in Marrakesh [ 197 ] Mohammed VI came... The ‘red city’ marrakech meaning in arabic unique and has been part of the city cemetery is the... Sufi pilgrims for its historic swimming pool, where a sultan is to! Of aeronautical industries and services is held here, as is the centre of activity. A7 connects also Marrakesh to Agadir, 233 km ( 2.8 mi to! North and eastward Berber mostly in the 17th century, the Institut Français and Dar Chérifa are major performing institutions. With `` smen '' Moroccan ghee that has a curious position and layout which may be result! Name is spelled Mṛṛakc in the medina on land adjacent to the 12th century, the French rediscovered it 1917! Palace, also known as harira ( lentil soup ladles ) infrastructure in recent years has experienced rapid growth whom. ] in 1269, Marrakesh has thrived as a tourist destination the contain.

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